HSteel IAH series

Aluminum infrared heaters

High performance
IAH aluminum ceiling heaters are the perfect solution for both spot heating and heating the entire room.
IAH radiators are used to heat workplaces in rooms with high ceilings or poor thermal insulation, where the use of traditional heating methods is ineffective. The included universal swivel brackets facilitate installation and adjustment of the heating angle. The increased degree of protection against dust IP44 allows the heaters to be used even outdoors (without a roof).
The radiators are intended for main, additional and local heating of industrial, domestic and public spaces (offices, summer houses, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, airport and railway station waiting rooms, commercial enterprises, sports halls, educational institutions, catering establishments, warehouses hangars, gas stations, car parks, car washes, agri-industrial enterprises, etc. Installation of the panels is very simple and possible in the shortest possible time.Heating the panel to 300°C allows you to heat the entire height of the room and make a warm floor in the area under the panel Autonomous infrared electric heating with metal radiators IAH is a system that saves up to 60% of energy compared to alternative heating systems.

Construction HSteel IAH
Characteristics and equipment
Area of the heated room 8-10 m.sq.
Power: 500 W
Area of the heated room 12-16 m.sq.
Power: 800 W
Area of the heated room 16-20 m.sq.
Power: 1000 W
Area of the heated room 22-26 m.sq.
Power: 1300 W
Area of the heated room 27-32 m.sq.
Power: 1600 W
Area of the heated room 34-40 m.sq.
Power: 2000 W
Area of the heated room 45-50 m.sq.
Power: 2600 W
Area of the heated room 50-60 m.sq.
Power: 3000 W
Tension: 380-400 V
Area of the heated room from 80
Power: 4000 W
Tension: 380-400 V
Select the size and power of the radiator

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Standard models
Models from the RAL palette black
Maximum equipment
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