HSteel workplace heaters

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HSteel workplace heaters is an excellent solution for local heating and employees in the workplace. Due to the design features the panels can be placed directly on the workplace (on the floor, under the table).

Placement and installation of panels is as simple as possible and can be performed in the shortest possible time. Heating of the panel is up to 85°C, which allows you to warm up the space of the employee's workplace without heating the entire room. Autonomous infrared electric heating with HSteel metal heaters is a system that saves up to 60% of energy compared to alternative heating systems.

HSteel panels combine as follows: infrared heat with optimal spectral characteristics, which creates exceptional thermal comfort and possibility of placing on the floor/under the table. Due to these two features, a high-quality thermal heating is created at the workplace.

The high efficiency of HSteel panels is due to the special design and properties of the heating element, a large area of heat transfer, as well as the speed of process stabilization, which is the criterion for evaluating efficiency. Due to the original location of the heating element on the entire surface of HSteel panel, the fastest process stabilization is achieved.

Remote control panel allows you to set comfortable temperature for each employee, depending on personal preferences and ambient temperature.

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Models and Specifications
ISHW 6020T
under the table installation, 170 W
ISHW 6010T
under the table installation, 170 W
floor installation, 230W

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